Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Forbidden Love

My sweet lover, for what are we to do?
He loves me and She loves you.
We do care for them in our own little way
But you and I vowed to be one, again someday.

It may take months, or maybe even years,
To think of it brings a river of sorrowful tears.
Why can't love just be blissful and true?
Instead of making our hearts so sad and blue?

For now we must lead our separate lives
Living with our spouses, telling them lies.
Just so we can share one more thrust,
While we harshly betray our partners trust.

The guilt we both should feel just isn't there,
To some it might seem we don't really care,
But we toss and turn throughout the night,
While the ones we don't truly love holds us tight.

Our love we share is worth all the heartache and pain,
We endure the torture, just to see each other again.
One day we'll find the courage and strength to leave,
Leaving our partners behind in shattered disbelief.

But for the time being, our love must remain a secret
While were forced to endure the pain and regret.
Consoling each other with our forbidden embrace,
As we cherish the love no other can ever replace.

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