Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday's ramblings...

Again I find myself in front of my computer, searching for words or ideas to write about. It has dawned on me that maybe sometimes I try to hard, that maybe I should sit back and let the words and ideas come to me. But what fun would that be, I could grow old waiting for inspiration from doing nothing but waiting. Strange thoughts, yes but I am certain that just about every author I know personally or not has had the same thought occur to them.

On another note I have finally conducted 2 of the interviews for my spicier blog 'The voices of sex', now the editing and posting is all that I have left with the first two of several. I have to say it has been very interesting taking a look into the adult world of phone sex, it is not as I had envisioned, and hopefully I will do justice to it through my interviews. Why write about phone sex you might be asking? Well to be honest my curiosity has always been set on high and when a girlfriend of mine in college was working pt as a PSO I used to pepper her with questions galore, never fully getting the whole story it left my mind open to wonder, now I am just merely filling that void. And if by some chance it helps to promote the ones interviewed, then that's great too. It's an all around win win situation. Of course there may be some of you who would prefer not to know, or read about it, and I can respect that.

Final notes for the morning. I have a full day ahead of myself with editing that needs done, websites that need to be finished or even started for that matter and a whole list of other things home related as well as school related (I homeschool my youngest).

With that all said I want to wish each and everyone of you a bright, beautiful and blessed day!

Peace be with you...

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  1. You are funny, I love the fact that you wrote about writing. Sweet. I to have a blog and when I relax stories come my way. Of course you than have to write. Not my strong point. We'll be back to enjoy more. I found you on LR