Sunday, November 22, 2009

My son's birthday and a rant...

Hellooooo blogger world!

Hope you all are enjoying a little R'n'R on this beautiful, but chilly Sunday morning.

Myself I am getting ready to take my youngest son over to my father's house for his official birthday party. Last night we had a small intimate party with just the three of us. Dinner, cupcakes, chips and a movie. Our original plans for the Louisiana Renaissance Festival were twarted when the storms came through but we purchased Ice Age 3:Dawn of the Dinosaurs and stayed home instead. My son, Nicholas, got a Star Wars action figure, Terminator 3:Rise of the Machines for his PS2 and Transformers 2:Revenge of the fallen DVD. Too sum up the entire evening, It rocked!

Now today we will be having a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, which btw PLEASE make certain you check the size before you order! We ordered 1/2 a sheet and OMG it was small! Pizza, soda and a turkey dinner later this evening. Lots of good food and great company.

What more could an 11 year old ask for you say?

Well here's my rant. And frankly I don't give a frog's fat back quarters if the people, or should I say cold heartless dicks responsible read this or not.

The 'more' that any child could ask for is just to be loved by his family, and I don't mean just parents. I mean grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. They only ask to be protected and kept safe from harm, and the drama that plagues the world. We all know they will learn of this plague soon enough when they hit their teens, and into pre-adulthood.

And yes here we go again with the Toxic People. Now myself and my hubby have both made it clear we have stepped back. But what 11 year is going to step back from those who 'claim' they love him unconditionally.

Nicholas doesn't understand why his Granny (My father's ex-wife) was in his life up till last summer and when she found out my father remarried, and she no longer had use for us to find out about what my dad was up to, she cut him out of her life. Zilch! Just like that. She went from calling a few times a week, holidays and just because to na-da, nothing, not one damn phone call not even for his birthday. Well I have news for that bitch, she needn't cross my path in this lifetime again cause she has an ass kickin' coming. Btw Betty, if you are reading this, this is NOT a threat, this IS a promise. So until I make good on it there is NOTHING the law can do because it is not a threat.

Now to the hubby's family, the most Toxic bunch I have EVER met in my entire life! And believe me with my first hubby being in the public career he was, I have met a LOT of people over the years and since. You would think that after hearing for nearly a year & half that 'if only' we'd move back to good ole' Louisiana that they would come visit, they would take an active part in their then only grandson's life. Well we made that leap, we moved back here and in the first 7 years they visited no more then a handful of times, only participated in his sports once and that was football and what's even more sad is the last birthday they spoke to him was 2006 and that was due to free food & cake I believe! His self=proclaimed (but not active) uncle James claims he missed him, wants to be a part of his life, was coming to visit the week before last. Another friggin LIE! All he wanted was to thwart our intentions of hiring an attorney to sue his sorry white trash ass for defamation of character and slander.

Now back to the so called grandparents. From 2007, till now they have not called him on this birthday, or ANY OTHER day for that matter. Not once. Of course Betty (yes that's my hubby's mother's name as well as my ex-stepmothers) could put her younger grandson on the line with DJ when he called, he was only 2.5 at the time, and you cannot even understand a word that child says. Yet did she ask to speak with Nicholas, HELL NO SHE DIDN'T! I am about to my witts end with that white trash bunch over there in Robert, LA! As far as I'm concerned the same promise goes for them ALL over there!

Along with another hand of white trash so called family they can ALL kiss my Yankee ass & go straight to hell where they belong!

If anyone can give me some insight on how someone can push away a child, their own flesh & blood without a bit of guilt it seems, Please please pleaseeeeee let me know what makes these people tick. I really am at my wits end and tired of making lame excuses to my son for their behavior.

Well now, I hope you will excuse my vulgar language and rant for the day.

Have a bright, beautiful Sunday!

Peace be with you...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Freaky Dreams...

Have you ever had one of those dreams that were just plain freaky? You know the ones where you wake up wondering WTF? Where no one in your dream acts quite right and says or does things way out of the ordinary for them.

Well I just awoke from one of those dreams and let me tell you it left a horrible taste in my mouth! I won't go into too much detail but I will say that all through this it was surreal, and in the end I took my last breath, at least I believe I was dead/dying anyway cause I was lying on my living room floor (in some other house not this one) in a heep of blood after being beaten to a bloody pulp for something I didn't even do and it was proven in the end as the phone rang, it was the lab with test results to confirm I hadn't strayed to my attacker. But then it was to late as he turned to see I wasn't moving. Weird huh? Well I certainly thought so!

So, now it's your turn! Why not use the comments section of this post to share your freaky, weird or strange dreams... I can't wait to read them!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!
Happy Hump Days Folks!

Peace be with you...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Paranormal Activity (the Movie) w/spoilers.

Wow! I was amazed at the fact this movie was made for a mere $11,000 in someones home. Amazing! It had a real life feeling to it. It brought Micah & Katie the two main characters in the film quickly into your heart. You actually felt they were a real couple dealing with real life.

Now I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone so if you haven't seen it but plan to please do not read any further...I'm not giving much away but I would rather not let my opinion mar the judgment of someone else till they themselves experience it ;)

* * * SPOILERS AHEAD * * *


Okie for me this movie was not jump out of the seat scary. It did have some breath taking moments where I squeezed the crap out of my hubby's hand and I held my breath. But it was the same kind of fear you would have reacting to a friends dilemma. You see it, you hear it, you understand what their talking about but there isn't anything you can do about it. Again it brought you in Micah & Katie's home and opened their world up to you the viewer in such a way you actually could feel for these people.

Now let's discuss the after effects of the movie. I have had a great deal of real life paranormal activity around me since I was old enough to remember. Some of it could be explained away and some of it never could be, no matter how hard anyone tried to write it off. There are just some things in this world that cannot and refuse to be write offs. What this movie did to me was bring back memories, not exactly like in the movie, no but certainly at times just as scary to me personally or others around me, and believe me when I tell you, I don't scare easily at all.

So long after we left the theater, discussing the movie and come home to our active house where things do go bump in the night, it places you on a much higher alert when hearing those things you would normally write off as Casper the friendly spirit.

The first night, Saturday night, 3:14 am I heard the typical noises but I did not have my typical reaction, this time I froze. Flash backs of the movie and seriousness of it came rushing back to me. At that moment I really wanted to call our family shaman who has dealt with the paranormal since his youth or our parish priest Ft. Hank. Lucky for them I stopped myself, and collected my senses! Especially considering the Shaman lives in another time zone and it would have been 2hrs earlier for him, lol.

Bottom line folks not only was it an awesome date with the hubby but an awesome experience I got to bring home with me for days after! lol! So I would say I got my money's worth and then some. As for the rest of the date, it was awesome, pizza/cuddles and sleep...What more could a wifey ask for?

Hope you all had a wonderful start to your week, I'm heading off to find something else to write about, who knows maybe I will write about some of my or my families bump in the night experiences...

Have a Great Tuesday Folks!

Peace be with you All...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Excited about Saturday!

Hi folks! Yes once again I am supposed to be working and of course here I am, lol!

I can't help but to think about the upcoming weekend with my hubby. We will be ALL ALONE for the first time in, hmm, let me think, over two years!!! I know its not healthy to go that long in between dates but unfortunately life happens and when it gets busy time slips away.

Our youngest will be headed off to the local Renaissance festival with my father and me & the hubby are headed to the movies to see Paranormal Activity! I can't wait! I've heard/read so much about it, and if it is even a fraction of the freaky people say I'm stoked!

Have any of you out there in blog world seen it yet? I'd love to hear your opinions & experiences before & after seeing it ;)

Have a Great Thursday folks!

Peace be with you all...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Need ideas for writing project?

Happy Wednesday folks, or I should say Happy Hump Day! lol!

I was sitting here working and thought I would take a few moments to stop and ponder about what my next writing project will be. It's been a while since I productively wrote anything aside from a profile or two, some lame poetry and a couple local paper articles about child safety & how to look for a bargain online. As I pondered I placed myself in the most important position of writing, the reader. I have been thinking about what I might like to read and I thought you know what, this would be the perfect opportunity to ask all of you who take precious time from your day to read my blog and see what it is you might like to read.

One I idea I have is how to maximize your savings and minimize your spending. I have found several ways to do this, not that its easy and doesn't require a lil elbow grease but in the long run it is awesome to know I have saved so much in the long run.

Another I idea I was pondering writing was about the responsibilities adult site owners have to internet patrons as well as parents to keep the internet a clean/safe environment for all who choose not to go to their sites or for the children who should not be there. (This subject hits home since I freelance my web services to help adult site owners to clean up their sites/keywords and make their sites harder to access and make sure they provide gateways/front pages that have proper warnings).

And one last idea I was pondering was writing my personal adventures, trials, joy and sometimes even chaos that comes from homeschooling.

There you have it, three ideas that might be interesting to others, maybe not.

What do you think? Care to read about any of the above or do you have another idea you'd like to share? I am open to anything and everything! So put your thinking cap on and tell me what you would like to read!

Just comment here or eMail me at ''

Have a Great Wednesday!

Peace be with you all...

Toxic People...

Call me crazy, paranoid or even insane but one thing I know for certain it that there are just some people on this earth who are toxic. Let me clarify a little more on the term I use 'Toxic People'.

These are not people with diseases or handicaps and it is not people who are physically impaired or mangled. It has nothing to do with race, sexual orientation or even nationality.

It is people who are constantly making trouble for others, ie; lies/gossip/drama and the list goes on, on and on, you know the ones I'm talking about. Bet you know at least one right off the top of your head, don't you?

They can be a loved one or a friend, maybe even a professor, teacher or other daily influence in your life. Any way it goes these people and their tactics/ways bring us down. Even the most upbeat, cheerful and least depressed person you know can be affected by Toxic People.

There are two main types of Toxic People, 1st is the ones who are constant liars, control freaks, perfectionists and drama kings & queens. 2nd are those who go beyond the little white lies and attempts to control your life, these are the worst kind of toxic because they not only lie to you but to others about you, they want to control and sometimes destroy every aspect of your life, some may even be violent in their attempts, others may threaten and keep you in constant turmoil. Either way these people have a greater impact on our day to day lives more then we care to admit.

Now we need to break them up into groups;

Group 1: These are the people you love dearly and no matter what their faults or how much trouble they cause you cannot put them out of your life completely. This might include a parent, brother, sister, best friend, etc.

Group 2: These are the people who you love but who no matter what you do it is never good enough for them, aside from being toxic they are also users who only come calling when they need or want something from you. This too can be a loved one, parent, brother, sister, friend.

The key here is to evaluate the Toxic person in your life, decide if this is a person you can walk away from or is it a person you can teach yourself to lesson the blows of their toxic ways.

For my family there are a circus full of these toxic people. Some worse then others but none the less they are there and believe me the worst of them like to raise hell.

For me personally my experiences have went from my second husband who was not only toxic, but physically/mentally abusive, my father as much as I love him I have had to discipline myself to not let his toxic ways affect me anymore then they have all these years. I have learned to accept he will not change but also I have learned how he can still be in my life without harming me mentally any further then he already has in the past.

For me and my hubby his parents & siblings are WAY beyond your typical toxic people. They go above and beyond to try to break us up, they believe what they are doing is for the better. Their lives are riddled with lies, gossip and constant drama. Even when it doesn't include us there is always something going on that shouldn't be connected to them. For these toxic people we have, well mostly my hubby has decided to shut them out completely after several years of the drama/lies and uncountable number of tries to make things right with them.

For me I have learned to better assess people for who they really are and not for what I want them to be. This helps on many levels because besides being able to sus out the toxic people I have also been able to see the inner qualities some people have but are afraid to share with others.

In all what I would like to see in this world, is peace of mind. I know peace on earth is more of a pipe dream then a reality but if I can produce a peaceful environment for my family by better choosing those people who are a part of it, or how we allow them to be a part of it, then I have went farther then most, and accomplished something that will hopefully become a family tradition passed down to ensure some degree of peace in the home.

Hope you all have a wonderful Hump Day!
Peace be with you...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Remembering Jodi & Fran

Have you ever had a best friend, someone who was more of a sibling to you that you somehow lost track of over the years. I have had several of those best friends.

One was Jodi Curtis. She was my best friend and my sister. Jodi and I used to get into a lot in our teens. Jodi was a couple years older then me and had lived much more in just her few years then most live in a lifetime. We were wild childs, lol! We loved wrestling and loved wrestlers even more. My first real date was with a wrestler (no I won't mention who, but I will tell you he was in the WWF at the time). I grew up fast, or so I had thought. Where there was trouble we loved to dwell. We'd sometimes disagree, once or twice we even fought over a guy but at the end of the day she was always there for me, and I for her. One time I remember in particular was during a miscarriage she suffered. She was in love with the father but he was a prick to say the least. Uncaring and unkind. Another time I remember vividly was when she had went into labor with her oldest child, her son Jeremiah. We talked on the phone as her labor pains increased. She was scared and I was 500 miles away but the phone kept us in touch. Not to long down the line her beautiful daughter Krista was born. Jodi had wanted children since her teens, she wanted nothing more then to be a mother and she was finally blessed in her early 20's with 2 children. She was a wonderful mother. I miss Jodi and have tried to find her for the past few years, always coming up on leads but found them to be dead ends. Then this past week I get a call from an old friend in Ohio who had been keeping his eyes open for me. He found Jodi's obituary from March 14th of this year. Jodi had passed unexpectedly in her home. Only 38 years old. Gone just like that. I loved Jodi like she was my very own sister. I regret now that I ever lost track, and I regret even more that I wasn't able to find her before she left this world. Jodi will forever remain in my thoughts & in my heart.

During the same phone conversation I was also hit with news of another good friend of mine, Fran Calhoun. She died at home June 6th of this year at age 60. Leaving behind a son, Shawn and his wife and a daughter, Amy along with grandchildren, family and tons of friends. Fran was a likable person, she was always smiling. She was shy, but I believe that was because of her weight problems. I had met Fran through Jodi and we become fast friends. She was older but that never made any difference to either of us. We both loved Conway Twitty and we both balled our eyes out together with news of his untimely death. We called radio station DJ's and talked for hours on end. And then there was the pranks we'd pull on a good mutual friend of ours, Jay byrd. I will never forget him coming over and our giving him a message from a girl named, Myra. He was so excited at the prospect of a date (he was a 33 yr old Casanova, lol!) We gave him the number, and told him it was her place of work and that there were two Myra's working there so he had to ask for her by her full name, Myra Mains. The number we gave him was to a local funeral home. I will never forget the look on Jay's face when he called and causally asked for Myra Mains! LMAO! Fran & I laughed so hard we cried! Like Jodi, Fran & I lost track of one another after I moved out of state and she underwent gastric bypass. We tried to keep in touch but at that time long distance calls were costly, there was no bundle calling or deals for long distance. I have tried to find her over the years but without any luck. Another regret that will haunt me till I die and that is losing those who I once held so close and dear to me without ever getting to say goodbye. I will miss your smile and our long talks Fran. I loved her too like a sister, she will forever be in my thoughts and in my heart.

Rest in Peace my sisters I will always remember you & I will always love you.

Fran L. Calhoun 1949-2009 & Jodi A Curtis 1970-2009

Chicken pox, flu and the abscessed tooth...

As I mentioned in my previous post in the past 4 months I have dealt with not only a case of adult onset chicken pox but the flu as well. And I almost forgot to mention the tooth that just about killed me in between there.

Please if you have an abscessed or infected tooth/teeth ~ GO NOW to have it either fixed if possible or pulled out. It is NOT worth the headache (literally) or the added expense of the doctor bills because of the infection spreading through-out your body. I kept putting it off, putting it off till it was nearly too late. What I thought had died down had actually spread to my kidneys and other areas of my body. The scary part is it could have very well spread to my brain had it not been caught when it was. And ladies I don't think I need to tell you about the balance of yeast verses antibiotics in the body. For those of you who don't know, the high doses they use to combat bacterial infection usually brings on one of the most horrid yeast infections you will EVER have. Trust me on this one!

Chicken pox. Sounds almost harmless compared to all the things a child/adult can contact now days. I was lucky in my youth, I missed each and every childhood disease from mumps through measles. I had a slight case of the chicken pox at 19 and that wasn't too bad. Felt more like a small mass of mosquito bites more then anything else. Fast forward to July of this year. I have no idea where I came in contact with it. My youngest child is home schooled and church classes hadn't yet started for him. What I thought was an allergic reaction to something turned into the worst 27 days of my life! I would rather give birth then have chicken pox! And no I am not exaggerating. I was constantly itching, in pain and could not get comfortable no matter what I wore or how I sat/laid. So folks I do hope none of you, not even my enemies out there come across this childhood disease because I can tell you it is not a pretty site or feeling.

In the days following the exit of the pox I started to feel decent again, no more itching, yay! I thought my bad days were over. But then as I woke one morning, BAM! Like a falling rock out of nowhere it hit me. An early case of the flu. If it was swine flu I have no idea, the doctors never bothered testing for it. For me swine flu or seasonal with an already weakened immune system and thyroid issues too boot it reduced me to using a bottle just to take in nourishment & fluids and a bedside potty. Humiliating and degrading at any age. But I could not move more then 1-2 feet without growing so weak it would take me 30 minutes or more to recover. I have never been this weak in my life. Not even after a near fatal car crash! I spent the better part of the past couple months getting over it. And even still now I am left with the aftershocks to the body. The worst part is over but not soon forgotten.

I have to be honest with myself, and all of you. If I was taking better care of my body in the first place I wouldn't have had such a bad time with any of the above. My advise to all is stop, take a moment to listen to your bodies. Stop filling it full of junk, tobacco and alcohols. I am not an activist against any of these things, in my opinion it is too each their own. For myself personally I don't smoke, do drugs and I only drink dinner wine but I am guilty of the junkie pleasures, ie; soda/chips and pastas. Now all I have to do is take my own advise and things should look up, lol!

Thank you for taking a moment to listen to my ranting, whining and such. I love & appreciate each & every one of you :)

Have a Wonderful Thursday!

Peace be with you...

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm backkk!

Hello Blogger world!

I am so happy to be back in the swing of life. It's been nearly 4 months since my last post and let me tell you there's been an explosion of things happening. From Adult onset of chicken pox's (which might I add are NOT fun!), flu to finding long lost friends have passed away. But I'll address each in separate blogs to give each their own space and attention they deserve.

For now this blog entry was just to let those out there following my blog or interested in it that I haven't dried up and washed away. I am back and will hopefully get back to a more regular posting schedule.

Hope everyone's Monday has been good to them! If not just remember Tuesday are usually less of a pain, Wednesday could care less about us, Thursday is full of anxiety because the end is near (end of the week that is) and Friday is very good to us, its a let it all hang out at the end of the day kinda day, lol!

Peace be with you all.