Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Need ideas for writing project?

Happy Wednesday folks, or I should say Happy Hump Day! lol!

I was sitting here working and thought I would take a few moments to stop and ponder about what my next writing project will be. It's been a while since I productively wrote anything aside from a profile or two, some lame poetry and a couple local paper articles about child safety & how to look for a bargain online. As I pondered I placed myself in the most important position of writing, the reader. I have been thinking about what I might like to read and I thought you know what, this would be the perfect opportunity to ask all of you who take precious time from your day to read my blog and see what it is you might like to read.

One I idea I have is how to maximize your savings and minimize your spending. I have found several ways to do this, not that its easy and doesn't require a lil elbow grease but in the long run it is awesome to know I have saved so much in the long run.

Another I idea I was pondering writing was about the responsibilities adult site owners have to internet patrons as well as parents to keep the internet a clean/safe environment for all who choose not to go to their sites or for the children who should not be there. (This subject hits home since I freelance my web services to help adult site owners to clean up their sites/keywords and make their sites harder to access and make sure they provide gateways/front pages that have proper warnings).

And one last idea I was pondering was writing my personal adventures, trials, joy and sometimes even chaos that comes from homeschooling.

There you have it, three ideas that might be interesting to others, maybe not.

What do you think? Care to read about any of the above or do you have another idea you'd like to share? I am open to anything and everything! So put your thinking cap on and tell me what you would like to read!

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Have a Great Wednesday!

Peace be with you all...

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