Thursday, November 5, 2009

Remembering Jodi & Fran

Have you ever had a best friend, someone who was more of a sibling to you that you somehow lost track of over the years. I have had several of those best friends.

One was Jodi Curtis. She was my best friend and my sister. Jodi and I used to get into a lot in our teens. Jodi was a couple years older then me and had lived much more in just her few years then most live in a lifetime. We were wild childs, lol! We loved wrestling and loved wrestlers even more. My first real date was with a wrestler (no I won't mention who, but I will tell you he was in the WWF at the time). I grew up fast, or so I had thought. Where there was trouble we loved to dwell. We'd sometimes disagree, once or twice we even fought over a guy but at the end of the day she was always there for me, and I for her. One time I remember in particular was during a miscarriage she suffered. She was in love with the father but he was a prick to say the least. Uncaring and unkind. Another time I remember vividly was when she had went into labor with her oldest child, her son Jeremiah. We talked on the phone as her labor pains increased. She was scared and I was 500 miles away but the phone kept us in touch. Not to long down the line her beautiful daughter Krista was born. Jodi had wanted children since her teens, she wanted nothing more then to be a mother and she was finally blessed in her early 20's with 2 children. She was a wonderful mother. I miss Jodi and have tried to find her for the past few years, always coming up on leads but found them to be dead ends. Then this past week I get a call from an old friend in Ohio who had been keeping his eyes open for me. He found Jodi's obituary from March 14th of this year. Jodi had passed unexpectedly in her home. Only 38 years old. Gone just like that. I loved Jodi like she was my very own sister. I regret now that I ever lost track, and I regret even more that I wasn't able to find her before she left this world. Jodi will forever remain in my thoughts & in my heart.

During the same phone conversation I was also hit with news of another good friend of mine, Fran Calhoun. She died at home June 6th of this year at age 60. Leaving behind a son, Shawn and his wife and a daughter, Amy along with grandchildren, family and tons of friends. Fran was a likable person, she was always smiling. She was shy, but I believe that was because of her weight problems. I had met Fran through Jodi and we become fast friends. She was older but that never made any difference to either of us. We both loved Conway Twitty and we both balled our eyes out together with news of his untimely death. We called radio station DJ's and talked for hours on end. And then there was the pranks we'd pull on a good mutual friend of ours, Jay byrd. I will never forget him coming over and our giving him a message from a girl named, Myra. He was so excited at the prospect of a date (he was a 33 yr old Casanova, lol!) We gave him the number, and told him it was her place of work and that there were two Myra's working there so he had to ask for her by her full name, Myra Mains. The number we gave him was to a local funeral home. I will never forget the look on Jay's face when he called and causally asked for Myra Mains! LMAO! Fran & I laughed so hard we cried! Like Jodi, Fran & I lost track of one another after I moved out of state and she underwent gastric bypass. We tried to keep in touch but at that time long distance calls were costly, there was no bundle calling or deals for long distance. I have tried to find her over the years but without any luck. Another regret that will haunt me till I die and that is losing those who I once held so close and dear to me without ever getting to say goodbye. I will miss your smile and our long talks Fran. I loved her too like a sister, she will forever be in my thoughts and in my heart.

Rest in Peace my sisters I will always remember you & I will always love you.

Fran L. Calhoun 1949-2009 & Jodi A Curtis 1970-2009

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