Sunday, November 22, 2009

My son's birthday and a rant...

Hellooooo blogger world!

Hope you all are enjoying a little R'n'R on this beautiful, but chilly Sunday morning.

Myself I am getting ready to take my youngest son over to my father's house for his official birthday party. Last night we had a small intimate party with just the three of us. Dinner, cupcakes, chips and a movie. Our original plans for the Louisiana Renaissance Festival were twarted when the storms came through but we purchased Ice Age 3:Dawn of the Dinosaurs and stayed home instead. My son, Nicholas, got a Star Wars action figure, Terminator 3:Rise of the Machines for his PS2 and Transformers 2:Revenge of the fallen DVD. Too sum up the entire evening, It rocked!

Now today we will be having a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, which btw PLEASE make certain you check the size before you order! We ordered 1/2 a sheet and OMG it was small! Pizza, soda and a turkey dinner later this evening. Lots of good food and great company.

What more could an 11 year old ask for you say?

Well here's my rant. And frankly I don't give a frog's fat back quarters if the people, or should I say cold heartless dicks responsible read this or not.

The 'more' that any child could ask for is just to be loved by his family, and I don't mean just parents. I mean grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. They only ask to be protected and kept safe from harm, and the drama that plagues the world. We all know they will learn of this plague soon enough when they hit their teens, and into pre-adulthood.

And yes here we go again with the Toxic People. Now myself and my hubby have both made it clear we have stepped back. But what 11 year is going to step back from those who 'claim' they love him unconditionally.

Nicholas doesn't understand why his Granny (My father's ex-wife) was in his life up till last summer and when she found out my father remarried, and she no longer had use for us to find out about what my dad was up to, she cut him out of her life. Zilch! Just like that. She went from calling a few times a week, holidays and just because to na-da, nothing, not one damn phone call not even for his birthday. Well I have news for that bitch, she needn't cross my path in this lifetime again cause she has an ass kickin' coming. Btw Betty, if you are reading this, this is NOT a threat, this IS a promise. So until I make good on it there is NOTHING the law can do because it is not a threat.

Now to the hubby's family, the most Toxic bunch I have EVER met in my entire life! And believe me with my first hubby being in the public career he was, I have met a LOT of people over the years and since. You would think that after hearing for nearly a year & half that 'if only' we'd move back to good ole' Louisiana that they would come visit, they would take an active part in their then only grandson's life. Well we made that leap, we moved back here and in the first 7 years they visited no more then a handful of times, only participated in his sports once and that was football and what's even more sad is the last birthday they spoke to him was 2006 and that was due to free food & cake I believe! His self=proclaimed (but not active) uncle James claims he missed him, wants to be a part of his life, was coming to visit the week before last. Another friggin LIE! All he wanted was to thwart our intentions of hiring an attorney to sue his sorry white trash ass for defamation of character and slander.

Now back to the so called grandparents. From 2007, till now they have not called him on this birthday, or ANY OTHER day for that matter. Not once. Of course Betty (yes that's my hubby's mother's name as well as my ex-stepmothers) could put her younger grandson on the line with DJ when he called, he was only 2.5 at the time, and you cannot even understand a word that child says. Yet did she ask to speak with Nicholas, HELL NO SHE DIDN'T! I am about to my witts end with that white trash bunch over there in Robert, LA! As far as I'm concerned the same promise goes for them ALL over there!

Along with another hand of white trash so called family they can ALL kiss my Yankee ass & go straight to hell where they belong!

If anyone can give me some insight on how someone can push away a child, their own flesh & blood without a bit of guilt it seems, Please please pleaseeeeee let me know what makes these people tick. I really am at my wits end and tired of making lame excuses to my son for their behavior.

Well now, I hope you will excuse my vulgar language and rant for the day.

Have a bright, beautiful Sunday!

Peace be with you...

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  1. Oh My Dear Girl.
    Please. You are hurting yourself more than you can ever hurt any one else.
    I don't believe they don't care. I believe they are in pain and unfortunately their pain affects every one else.
    I can sympathise with you because in my case the shoe is on the other foot.
    My darling first born, who I treasured and loved with all my heart, upped and left for an internet woman and immigrated to Australia knowing how much I love family, not having a large one myself.
    Some selfish wife he got, who didn;t care about the family he would leave behind. What good is it to me to have a grandchild I will never know? My neighbors child will be a better grand child, than my own will ever be.
    So heart break is every where in this world and until you can walk in their shoes and know theirs, just be happy and make sure you family is safe happy and loving. You are what matters to your children so love them like nothing else in this world cause they grow up and leave way too soon.